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When it comes to web ranking, there is not one webmaster that has not experienced this dilemma.

Google requirements for web ranking your site high

  1. Google expect your site to have good quality content: Now most good white hat webmasters will make sure that their sites have good quality content. Even those who are not yet skilled at writing content can get good content by hiring a professional writer. So this aspect of compliance is seldom a problem.
  2. Google expects your site to be well organized, logical and with a pleasing and efficient content management. Once again, all you have to do to comply with Google’s requirements for high ranking is to install WordPress. WordPress is a first-class content management system, and for this reason Google loves WordPress.
  3. Google expects you to have a Policy page and a Terms of Reference page. If you are serving ads they also want you to have an earning disclosure and a privacy policy. This is important because by having these on your site you are demonstrating that you are serious about conducting business and you are not a fly-by-night web ranking scam artist scammer (well unless you are a smart scammer). There are millions of templates you can copy online, so this too is not a problem.

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Advanced Web Ranking Tips

The next two compliance components are the ones that all webmasters (at least the honest white hat ones) will have huge problems complying with. This is where our advanced web ranking tips, Advanced Web Ranking Repor, and services really do come handy.

Google demands that your site have a high trust factor

How on earth are you going to establish a high trust factor if you are a new site? Unless you are CNN, Fox, the Queen, a celebrity or sport iconic figure you have Buckley’s chances of getting a trust factor. Without this trust factor you will not rank, and even if you do your rank position will not last long because you will be overtaken by inferior quality sites which do have the “trust factor”.

Our Advanced Web Ranking Team is constantly being asked this same question: “How on earth am I ever going to get a High Trust Factor with Google”. The answer is unless you are a Government, educational organization or prominent media company, or own Facebook you are never going to have a High Trust Factor with content alone and even with good quality links–Google at present has gone into a paranoid phase and they really do not trust anyone–including some of their own associated sites–which is really funny.

Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise Tip 1:

Relax 🙂 You do not need a High Trust Factor to appear prominently in the Google register–especially if your site is about less competitive products or services.

The only time when High Trust Factor is important is when you are trying to compete in hot items and topics.

The big boys have these covered and unless your site has a PR above 8 you are not ever going to show up in the first 5 pages of Google. So our tip is, do not try to compete with the pros. There is plenty of room for every online marketer, provided you know what to look for.

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Our Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise Range Of Products includes

  • Inexpensive lists of quality niches that have not been exploited or are underexploited
  • Domains that we have purchased for our clients which come complete with a secure WordPress installation


Google expects your site to have a high web traffic flow

There was a time when Google was amazing at finding quality content and delivering it as fast as lightning. In those good days, it really did not matter how new your site was. We could set up a site, fill it with good original, useful information and Google would find it and rank it within minutes.

Those were the good old days. Today the diabolical algorithms they have invented have separated them from reality. So we are now seeing old, outdated and irrelevant content appear right at the top while all the new sites with good content languish in Google’s Purgatory, or are totally ignored because they are new and have no links.

Bing, on the other hand, is still serving quality content and we are finding ourselves going over to Bing a lot more than before to find what we are looking for, something that we had not done for years. We totally forgot about poor old Bing 🙂

Another nasty byproduct of Google’s obsession with being a cyber cop is the huge wave of scammers, frauds, and opportunist who are using robots to create fake traffic.  Google hates robots and one thing they are still very good at doing is wacking robots out of cyberspace–so do not use spammy robots to create your traffic.

So once again, unless you have a lot of money to pay SEO experts who know how to exploit every loophole, you are going to have a tough time ranking a new site.

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We believe in doing things right. Our strategy is one that is both white hat as well as useful to our clients.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are not related or connected to other Advanced Web Marketing companies in the US, Advanced Web Ranking Software, Other similarly named producers Advanced Web Ranking Download software,  Service providers and other SEO specialists bearing the name “Advanced Web Ranking”.  We do not offer software programs or other similar services. 

Advanced Web Ranking is a White Hat SEO specialist promoting visitors to websites the old-fashioned way.  🙂

You can also get some excellent webmasters tools, webmaster tips and ideas for new online business and niches at Webmaster Tools Blog.

To your online success and mine 🙂

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